Black Fang
September 2001.

The United States was rocked by attacks perpetrated by the Terrorist group known as Alqueda. The effects not only rocked the nation, but others as well. The Organization known as Cobra being one of them, loosing not only financial interests, but 45 covert Operatives known as Crimson Guards in the New York attacks.

In retaliation for this outrage, Cobra Commander placed a bounty upon the head of Fayed Kareem, an Alqueda middleman who had attempted to barter relations between his Organization and Cobra. Cobra Commander gave the job of hunting down Kareem to a Crimson Guard known as Deacon. And thus, Black Fang was born.

The 5 man team, consisting of Deacon, the CLAWS machine gunner Halfback, The Ninja Assassin Darkstalker, the Techno-viper Gearshift, and Soldier of Fortune Shai'tan, arrived in southern Afghanistan on October 11thth. At the same time a G.I. Joe team had been dispatched in that area with the same objective. On November 29th, Black Fang achieved there objective, stealing Kareem out of the Joe teams grasp. Kareem was taken to Cobra Island, where Cobra Commander had him "dealt with". Impressed by their Success, Cobra Commander kept them on as his "problem solving team".

Real Name: Classified
Primary Military Function: Military Advisor
Secondary: Infantry

Deacon has been with cobra since Vipers and Officers wore nearly-identical uniforms. He was one of the first soldiers to be promoted to the Rank of Crimson guard, but nearly turned it down since it meant he would not be on the battlefield. He was given a special CG rank directly under Tomax and Xamot as their military advisor and General. It is here than he earned the nickname Deacon, due to his rousing speeches to the troops before battle that some say sounded like a sermon. This "battlefield preacher" has literally led his troops into hundreds of battles, against both the forces of G.I. Joe, and other armies that stood against Cobra. When Cobra Commander ordered the Capture of Alqueda Middleman Fayed Kareem, the job was given to Deacon.

From the Files of Cobra Commander: "The man is Dependable and trustworthy, several qualities that you don't often find in Cobra. He is one of the few men in this army you would ask to watch your back and not worry about him shooting you in it, and unlike some of my other officers, he won't run and hide when battle gets heated. He was the perfect man to entrust that mission to. Every member of that team, even Nightstalker and Shai'tan, follow his orders, and in some way look up to him as both their commander and a fellow soldier. If only I could say the same for my other officers."

With Deacon, I wanted to make a Crimson Guard who preffered being on the Battlefeild. I wanted something that made you think CG, but had more of a Casual flare to it.


Real Name: Classified
Primary Military Function: Heavy Weapons
Secondary: Infantry

Once a S.A.W. viper, who had come from the same battalion as the soldier responsible for the murder of several G.I.Joe members, he was later re-assigned as one of the first C.L.A.W.S. (Cobra Light Armored Weapons Specialist) as part of a "test group", who's duty is was to see how Cobra's Ionized fiber body armor held up in combat conditions. Later, when the current C.L.A.W.S uniform was finalized for production, he kept his test prototype, not wanting to go through another "breaking in period". Despite this individualistic flair, his track-record made up for it. It was due to this impressive track-record, along with that from his S.A.W viper days, that landed him his position in Deacon's team as their gunner. He carries a customized "side-shooter" version of the Standard SAW viper Gyro-stabilized Cryo-cooled mini chain gun

From the Personal Logs of Deacon: "As his name implies, halfback is a football nut. He says he was on his high school football team, and got a scholarship for it...but doesn't say much about what happened from that. Guys usually see that 50 cal and start running before he gets a chance to shoot, those who don't either don't live to tell about it, or join those who did shortly after. He can handle himself in a fight too, charging into the fray like he's chasing a ball, then teaches them the finer points of Barroom-style brawling. He pulls his weight on and off the battlefield, and added bonus of which is him keeping Darkstalker and Shai'tan from killing each other.

This one took me a While. I had gone through about 5 previous Body Configurations with no luck, then I finally got it (Zartans arms work well for holding that machinegun). The only pices painted are his Waist and head.


Real Name: Unknown
Primary Military Function: Infantry
Secondary: Tracker
Birthplace: Unknown

The Middle Eastern Soldier of Fortune known as Shai'tan is a man feared throughout the region. In his decade-long career, traced back to shortly after the end of the first gulf war, he has earned a reputation as a brutally merciless soldier, and a relentless killer who hunts down his targets like animals. Wanting a type of "guide" to that area, the Crimson Guard asked mercenary Saboteur Firefly for someone to contact. Firefly gave him Shai'tans cell number, and after a brief meeting was hired for the price of an undisclosed amount to his Swiss bank accounts, and access to Desto's weapons locker.

From the Personal Logs of Deacon: "This reputation often precedes him. Many in that region refer to him as a demon risen from hell to collect the souls of the living, which gives us a psychological edge in battle. To add to this intimidation, he wears a special type of contact lenses that makes his eyes appear dark and lifeless, and a voice altering speaker under the bandana around his mouth, giving his voice a gravely, unearthly sound to it, like in that Linda Blair Movie. A couple times he has gone as far as calling our targets before hand and saying "the devil has come for you", one of his calling cards. He and Night stalker have yet to ‘Learn to play nice'. I have lost count on how many times the rest of us have had to keep them both from killing each other, and the way those two fight, I'm sure neither would walk away happy."

I wanted something that said I'm Mysterious, I'm scary, and I'm a badass. Shai'tan is the Arabic word for Satan.


Real Name: Classified
Primary Military Function: Assassin
Secondary: Espionage

A former Night-Creeper, the man known only as the Nighstalker is one of the most ruthless Martial arts masters Cobra has ever been aligned with. Known to use any tactics to achieve his ultimate goal, his success rate is higher than all other Night-Creepers, and he is the only Creeper to defeat their leader in unarmed combat. He prefers to strike his targets under the cover of darkness, where and when they least expect, with blinding speed, and Horrific brutality, many of whom don't know what's happening until it's too late. All attempts by Pentagon Officials to discover his true identity have all lead to dead ends, and resulted in the horrific murders of the Investigators. Temporarily taken from Nightmare service for participation on this team.

From the Personal Logs of Deacon: "Despite his preference for hunting at night, he is a superb addition to our team. He can be depended on to get the job done, there have been times he has gone off and eliminated our quarry while we where busy dealing with lackeys. IT isn't due to any loyalty, he usually does it to prove just how better he is than the rest of us. He lacks people skills, but what assassin needs them? He and our mercenary friend are constantly at each others throats, usually trying to cut the others. We're not sure what it is, there are some people who just rub the other the wrong way. Luckily this little "spat" hasn't interfered with our mission objectives...yet."

Those who remember know Nightstalker from my First Group project submission in Nightmares. I had wanted to make a JvC version for a while, and I thought that a ninja like him would fit in with their "problem Solving".


Real Name: Unknown
Primary Military Function: Driver
Secondary: Battlefield Technician
Birthplace: Unknown

Started out like many in Cobra as a mere Viper, later worked his way up to Techno-viper working in Cobra's motor pool on nearly every land-based vehicle cobra has, from Ferret 4-wheelers to Hammerhead amphibious tanks. Later, he was once again promoted to not only the rank of officer, but one of the select-few officers qualified to drive the Stinger/Rattler 4 WD. Being one of the few officers who where able to maintain/repair his own vehicle under battlefield conditions earned him a reputation with higher-ups in the organization, including a certain Crimson Guardsman. Later, when Cobra gave that CG, now calling himself Deacon, command of an elite team to dispatch their "rivals", he insisted that officer become part of the team as their driver and mechanic.

From the Personal Logs of Deacon: "True he might not be as skilled as Nightstalker, wield a 40 cal like halfback, or track down our quarry like Shai'tan, but without gearshift, we'd likely still be stuck in Afghanistan somewhere. The man is a miracle worker. He can get about any vehicle within working order in the same time it takes most mechanics to just figure out what's wrong, then get us all back on the road before any trails run cold. He rarely sees combat, but the time he has just proves that you never forget Viper training."

At his core, Treadshot is a very simple guy. He fights fair, always brushes his teeth, and judges a man by the car he drives. It's this sort of basic approach to life that has made Treadshot the anchor of the Marauders. Always there with a stupid joke, a kind word and the promise of a beer come Friday. Helluva good guy at the wheel of the Equalizer too.

I wanted something that looked like a Techno-viper, but also looked like a Cobra Officer. I origionally wanted him to have a helmet, but the Coils's mullet nixed that idea.


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