U.C.B. (Urban Combat Brigade)
With the battlefields of today ever changing and the climate which those battles are fought uncertain. It seems that the U.S. military has never had a 100 % solution for dealing with urban threats. With the war on terrorism in full swing the Joint Chiefs created the Urban Combat Brigade. The UCB employs swat style tactics on a grander scale. They will be the spearhead for any conflict that involves going into an urban environment. It falls under the Army's command but a member from any branch of the armed services can join. Bullet proof a main stay in Urban Crime fighting was selected as its first commander. The U.C.B. is broken into 2 Regiments, each regiment has 4 groups. The group level is the basic unit of the UCB. Groups have 6 fast strike teams and 2 Rifle Companies along with administration and support.

Real name: Lynn Noles

Hazel joined the police force after two years of college. She was constantly disciplined for excessive force. So they pulled her off the street gave her a job, body guarding a judge. She witnesses the judge accepting a bribe. She used this against him to get her way onto the swat team, were she became the team's sniper.

When the call went out for the U.C.B. all of the countries swat teams were tapped. Hazel was one of 12 females to try out and the only one to be selected. Hazel is now assigned to CB Group 4.


Real name: Antonio Grand

100 Round a former College Wrestling All-American. Was let down when he join WCF he learned that professional wrestling was not real, it was like telling him there is no Santa Claus. He Joined the Marines where he became saws gunner, later joining Force Recon.

100 round was witness to a bank robbery. It was a brutal shoot out. 100 Round could no longer stand by he acted on his own some might say like a real American hero. For his trouble he was court marshaled and discharged. At the personal request of Bulletproof he 100 Round was aloud to enter training for the U.C.B.. 100 round now serves as heavy support for CB group 4.


Real name: Lebron Benson

48 Roy hails from the projects. He is book smart and also street smart. Growing up the way he did you either play ball or you ball, everything in between is considered a casualty. Picked up for firearm possession, he pleaded for military intervention where he was sentenced to join the navy. He served his 4 years in the Navy and realized he didn't want to do anything else. He reenlist and was selected for bud training. Hand picked by his Seal team commander to represent the group for the U.C.B. selection process. 48 Roy made all aspects of the test seem like child's play. 48 Roy is now a member of CB group 4.


Real name: Christopher Cringle IV

The Cringle name is synonymous with Pittsburgh law enforcement. Going back 6 generations with 83 family members serving on law enforcement agencies. Big P bucked the trend and opted for the Army. Among his closest army buddies the call him Tab, he has everyone in the book. He is now a member of the Army's elite Delta Force. Bulletproof knows of the Cringle family was interested to see that one had not only joined the Army but went own to become one of the best. Bulletproof had to have Big P on his team. Blaze is CB group 4 Commander.


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