The Renegades Are a group of extreme black ops soldiers who have officially "un-existed" for the last 15 years.

There is no trace, paper or computer, that can be followed in regards to the members of the team. This gives the Renegades the freedom that no other unit on the G.I. Joe team can match. It also means the government can deny everything if they are caught. To put it simply, these men just don't exist.

Filename: James Patrick Dolan Sn 786-25-3294
Primary Military Specialty: Sniper/Assasin
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Pay Grade e-7 Equivalent

Dolan is famous among those "in the know" as the man whom infiltrated the Irish Republican Army in the late 1990's, and helped both the US and Irish authorities twhart Cobra's plans in Ireland. The JOe team recruited him, and he quickly rose up the ranks to an officer, but kept getting demoted due to getting in fistfights with other soldiers. Not wanting to waste a valuble commodity and leadership, Dolan was placed in charge of the newest incarnation of the Renegades.

"Dolan is an extremely funny man, and is an excellent leader, he just has a bad temper. I don't know why he kept getting in fistfights, but I heard it was because no one could understand a damn word he was saying with that thick Irish accent of his."

"I'll show you fightin' Irish you lil nancy!! "


Filename: Avazyan, Varujan SN:401-19-8426
Primary Military Specialty: Demolitions
Birthplace: Instanbul
Pay Grade e-6 Equivalent

Taurus is the last remaining original Renegade still on the Renegade team, as Mercer was transferred to the regular core team, and Red Dog retired. Taurus has become one of the best demolitions experts in the world over the years. Extremely agile and flexible due to years in the circus before joining, Taurus is very good at getting into tight spots and planting enough explosives to put the 4th of July to shame.

"Taurus?.. Yeah that guy is wild!! The Brass tried to transfer him over to the regular team back in the 90's, but the guy is crazy!! He'd get wild and drunk and prance around the base with nothing but a sombrero on!! They quickly moved him back to the Renegades after that."

"I do not like this Cobra base, let me remove it, yes?"


Filename: De Mato, William "Bill" SN 479-98-5554
Primary Military Specialty: Bladed Weaponry
Birthplace: New York City
Pay Grade e-5 Equivalent

The Butcher had lived in New York all his life, and became a local celebrity for his Specialty Meat shop, and the fact he was his nieghborhood's personal vigilante, keeping the crime to very low levels. He was discovered by the Joe team after single handedly dispatching of a unit of Cobra's who had moved onto his turf. Tall and Lanky, but quick as they come with a knife, The Butcher is one Renegade you don't want on your bad side.

"Bill is a sight to behold. Who would have ever thought some scruffy, tall and lanky "New Yawker" coudl be one of the most deadly men on the planet when it comes to a sharp object? The man makes his own weapons, and made special gloves so he would be able to grip the blade while he is fighting. He is a strnage one all right."

"Loin or shank, you slimy snake?"


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