The Scurvy Dogs
The Scurvy Dogs
The Scurvy Dogs
The Scurvy Dogs are a group of modern-day pirates that work loosely with the Dreadnoks and Cobra. They specialize in general terrorization of port cities and intercepting international shipping.

Building Notes:

Well, for one I didn't want to go with the obvious and make Zanzibar the leader of the group, which is where Shanghai came in. He's actually loosely based on the Chinese pirate captain from the episode of the Simpsons where Homer takes Mr. Burns's yacht out into international waters so they can drink on Sunday.

Also, I wanted to give them some more variation than normal, which is where the height differences come in.

Thanks to Raptor for the bios!

I wanted to get the feel of a Chinese pirate who would dress in the finest silks in rich colors.


As you can see, I found it hard to make a new version of Zanzibar without using a lot of his old parts. I figured the easiest to do would be just to take off his top.

El Hasan

Wanted to make that typical HUGE pirate that always seems to be in a group of 'em. To make him obviously taller I modded the lower legs to add just that much more height to him.


The other extreme of the height scheme, my attempt at a Joe dwarf: Powderkeg. While I'm happy with the proportion mod to make this work pretty well, he was really hard to paint due to the seams between various frankensteined parts. I was wanting his arms to be flesh-colored, but the seams showed through too well. In the black they're pretty well disguised for some reason.


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