Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes is the man in black. Imagine black - but blacker. Like, hide in daylight black. Invisible Black. That's Snake Eyes.

I wanted to use the Smart Simple Black III Paint on a figure - and this event was the perfect excuse to do it. With a claim like "Absorbs 99% of visible light" I knew that your resident ninja could use an upgrade.

It's immensely fragile, goes on thick and takes a lot of coats. You need to dry it with a hairdryer between coats. Even if you take the greatest care possible you will get white marks. You'll have to repaint it often if you handle it at all...

But... You can't argue the results.

Head, Torso: Beachhead V2
Arms: Budo V1
Waist and Legs: Storm Shadow V2

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