Constrictor and King Snake

As the world of Professional Wrestling erupted in late 90s, Dr. Mindbender convinced Cobra Commander to invest in a takeover of the world's most popular wrestling promotion. If they could convince people around the world to endorse Cobra wrestlers, then world domination would follow. On a fateful Monday night in August Constrictor made his way through the crowd of a live televised show of The Extreme World Champion Wrestling Federation. He made his way into the ring and promised that the Cobra World Order was taking over The EWCWF. In weeks to come his partner King Snake debuted and they ran rampant over the tag team division. Fans were beginning to cheer them when The EWCWF filed for bankruptcy and Constrictor and King Snake had to return to Cobra. Always a huge fan and believing that professional wrestlers were akin to modern day gladiators, Mindbender secured them a position alongside Bog Boa as trainers. Now they just have to convince the Cobra recruits that they really can fight, much to the enjoyment of Big Boa.

These were meant to be funny. My RAH universe stuff is more comical and light-hearted in nature. And it gave me reason to use those Nullifer parts.

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