Leatherneck has been assembled since the Create-a-Con-Set Group Project came up the first time (In 2010?). He was the first Joe I wanted to include in this set and although the make-up of the team fluctuated quite a bit during the creative process, Leatherneck was always a part of the roster. However, when I lined up all my Joes before painting, his parts just didn't jive with the rest of the team's. My first attempt was made from early 25th parts that hadn't aged well (next to the more modern PoC/30th parts). Keeping only the head, I went back to the drawing board and I like the way he turned out.
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For this project, I wanted to emulate the type of offerings that the GIJCC put out every year. I had a few criteria:

- Lots of paint apps
- No (or few) modified parts
- Weapons and accessories are all (mostly) from Hasbro's Joe line
- Vehicles are all from Hasbro's Joe line

I really wanted this set to "feel" like an authentic Club set. I pretty much stayed within these self-imposed guidelines. I only broke these rules a couple of times. My justification was that the Club has been tooling up new parts (on a limited basis) in the last few years.

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