I've wanted to make a Valor vs Venom inspired Shipwreck for a while now. This project finally gave me the excuse to do it. I hesitated between this green version and the darker blue version (also from VvV). In the end, I decided to make both by renaming the blue version Wet-Down. Green Shipwreck won out for this pack, so that it would match with the other two characters.
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For this project, I wanted to emulate the type of offerings that the GIJCC put out every year. I had a few criteria:

- Lots of paint apps
- No (or few) modified parts
- Weapons and accessories are all (mostly) from Hasbro's Joe line
- Vehicles are all from Hasbro's Joe line

I really wanted this set to "feel" like an authentic Club set. I pretty much stayed within these self-imposed guidelines. I only broke these rules a couple of times. My justification was that the Club has been tooling up new parts (on a limited basis) in the last few years.

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