File Name: Classified
Primary Military Specialty: Air Operations
Secondary Military Specialty: Fighter Pilot
Birthplace: Classified
Grade: E-5

Ace cut his teeth in the throughout the entire Vietnam war. He was cross trained on fixed wing and helicopters, flying anything from F4 Phantoms to Huey Gunships. Ace flew multiple tours in Vietnam, and after coming home began flying commercially. Not satisfied with his civilian life, Ace joined the Air Force reserves. It was during that time he met Officer Joseph Colton, who offered him a new life and a new name as part of a secret strategic defense initiative installation known as the Adventure Team.

I have been wanting to do the Adventure Team for quite some time. The original Action Team figures from 1994 were an awesome base for this figure. I went with Ace for the name because it was rumored that Ace was going to be the name for the original Action Pilot, before they dropped names completely. A huge thanks to Craig Blankenship over at for flocking the head.

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