Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes

Filename: Classified
Birthplace: Classified
Primary Military Specialty: Military Intelligence
Secondary Military Specialty: Military Police

Snake Eyes was a newly minted Military Policeman (formerly an Infantryman) serving in the Phillipine Islands in the US 808th Military Police Company up until May 1941 when an explosion during training accident left him scarred and he was shipped back to Peal Harbor Medical Facilities for treatment. He was barely starting to recover when on Dec. 7th 1941, he was enjoying liberty as the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and arrived at the hospital just in time to have his sister die in his arms. Later in January of 1942 he recieved a letter that his parents, missionaries in China, were killed in a Japanese bombing raid. His chain of command, knowing his hatred of the Japanese for this put him in charge of one of the Japanese Detainment Camps set up in the U.S. for Japanese-Americans. His life changed when he met a family of Japanese-Americans through their son Tommy, who began to heal his mind through showing him that not all Japanese were evil, and began to teach him in the art of the Ninja.

Both joined "Merrill's Marauders" (the Nisei Military Intelligence Service part of the 5307 Composite Unit Provisional) where they fought the Japanese in Burma. Newly enlisted Tommy Arashikage served in the unit under a newly promoted 2nd Lt Snake Eyes.

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