Real name: Devallo, Vincent
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Specialty: Tiger Trainer

Khan spent his early adulthood "in search of himself", a journey that landed him in India where he saved the life of an old man and was in turn taught ancient techniques for taming and controlling tigers. Khan used this and a smuggled white tiger cub he named Persis to set up an animal act in Las Vegas upon his return to the States.

Khan had always been somewhat arrogant, and when his animal act took off, his arrogance grew with it. He might well have been the next Sigfried and Roy were he not prone to walking out on contracts and ticking off stage managers. He soon found himself black listed from almost every major venue, deep in debtand with a tiger to feed. To that end he took up working with loan sharks, using Persis to intimidate deadbeat gamblers into paying up what they owed and keeping a percentage for himself.

Unfortunately his arrogance again won out, and he began to demand more of a percentage of the take for himself, resulting in a fight with one of his "employers." When the man's bodyguard pulled a gun on Khan, Persis attacked and killed him, protecting her master. When the loanshark tried to flee Khan sicced Persis on him as well, then the two fled, along with several hundred thousand dollars Khan stole from the shark.

The two were on the run and the law was closing in when Cobra agents located them and offered Khan a safe haven; in return he would use his methods to train other tigers and handlers for Cobra. Khan accepted readily, and all too soon the Joes found themselves facing not only human, but dangerous animal opponents as well...

White Tiger

A white tiger, Persis is a five year old female of that breed, raised and trained by Khan himself. Used often as a weapon, she's developed a taste for human flesh, and will viciously tear apart anyone she's commanded to attack.

The easier of the two to make, as he's mostly just repaint. I painted the hair white and added white pearlizer to it to give it a sheen, but left the beard dark to show it's a dye job (typical for a showman). Darkened the flesh on the chest with Delta Ceramcote Dark Fleshtone. The tiger stripes on the legs are a first; partly random and partly copied from the tiger itself. I figured if he's a former showman, he's going to be dressed in a kind of funky way.

The whip was put together using one end from a 3 piece bar (like comes with AA Duke), with a small hole drilled in one end; I inserted a toothpick, then pressed a length of black tubing over that, and inserted the tip of another toothpick into the end of the hose. The whip's end cap is putty. Softened the whole of the whip length with a heat gun to make it flex better.

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