Lockjaw was the only candidate that survived from the volunteer group that was asked to join the new animal handler program. Rumor has it that the venomized canines were full or that he actually had the good sense to show up with several canisters liquid mace. Apparently, thegood Doctor Mindbender never mentioned to any of the volunteers that he had been experimenting with venomizing animals. Lockjaw quickly realized that by keeping Fluffy's stomach full on a regular basis helps in keeping her under control. Every now and then Cobra prisoners are allowed to break free so that Fluffy can enjoy a special treat for being a good doggie. Lockjaw has maintained a good relationship with his security dog, but keeps his gun cocked just in case. When asked why he called his dog Fluffy, Lockjaw replied with a snicker "It was the pet name I had for my ex-wife. But I think Fluffy is cuter."

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