Cobra Commander

Our dear Commander, along with the help of the noble Destro, has devised a way to get out of the trouble they have gotten themselves into when the Pit had collapsed due to an explosion. While Cobra Commander opted for digging Destro had a better plan to conserve some energy. When they find an escape tunnel it looks like all is saved, leading them to a tunnel boring device. Upon their escape they only thing left to do is to cloak themselves in disguise. By some chance of fate they are pulled over by a cop who recognized Cobra Commanders partially uncovered face and it reminds him of a boy... Billy, the Commander's long thought dead son!

The hardest of the three (Snake Eyes being a breeze).

I started out with an odd torso (not sure of its origins) which was a perfect match from the comic. A Short Fuse head soon followed (since the torso was post and not ball jointed). I had the mustache and shades sculpted and was ready for the beret. I wont go into the horrid details but Short Fuse ended up missing half his head and the torso was warped beyond repair.

Then began my quest for a new torso and head, thanks to our very own Kamakura I received the comic pack Flagg. his torso and waist were perfect, just needed a sash and a bit of work with my clay gun to care of that.(my first being headman but I didn't have is torso or waist at the time.). Still I was out a head, and after much debate I settled on using the melon of Flagg himself. It wasn't perfect and the jaw line was a little too Vince McMahon for ol' CC but it would have to do.

My final act was getting the coat and boots right and I had seen several people use a Star Wars coat that would be perfect. I'm more than grateful for Sidewinder hooking me up with it. While it did cause me a few problems with the paint it done very well and got the result I was looking for. The boots were easy as well, I thought about using Crystal Ball's legs but then I thought "Why not make my own?".

Sculpting the cuffs on the boots was actually a breeze once I dug out my clay gun and used it with some Super Sculpey.

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