As he tries to calm down the Commander and still think of a plan to get out of what could be their tomb, the idea of an escape tunnel dawns on him. It must be how the Joes got out of the downed Pit. After finding equipment to aid their escape and dressing in an almost Sean Connery-like garb, Destro and the Commander set off to make an escape back to base only to get pulled over by the law. While it didn't turn out like either of them planned, Destro could do nothing but tag along as the Commander found out that his son may still be alive.

I started out with the Big Brawler Tiger Force head. He had that great beard that Destro had stuck onto his face in haste. At the time I was going to use the head in conjuction with the new sculpt Wild Bill's hat but when I was dismembering a Headman for his pony tail(that went to Cobra Commander) I thought his had would be perfect.

After a little cutting and gluing he looked fine (now is the point when I realize I forgot to sculpt on his glasses).

All of the other parts seemed to slowly fall into place, while I was never a big fan of the 91 Grunt's torso I found it very useful in the making of the jacket. The same goes for the Lifeline arms, the elastic cuffs is what made them come to be. However the legs are another story, they were a last minute substitute for Headman's as I lost them. Yeah, I actually lost them.

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