Snake Eyes

While Snake Eyes has always been a man of mystery, he is even more so now. While trying to infiltrate Cobra in one of the most round about ways possible, he cloaks himself as Flint in hopes that if he was captured he would be worth something to Cobra. Sure enough they capture him and away to the brain wave scanner he is taken. Upon closer inspection, Dr. Mindbinder realizes that its not Flint he is trying to extract info from but Snake Eyes!!!!

Oddly enough in this issue Snake Eyes was barely Snake Eyes. He was in a Flint get up. At first I wanted to just make the only part of him you saw which was the back of his head and just have the figure pictured backwards, but I came up with a much lamer idea: Customize when they drape a cloth over his head to cover his face in their quick escape.

I wanted to make a Flint body that was remotely correct with the comic and I did have a scared up Freefall head under the mask but I ended up taking it out. So since the mask was already formed and just sat on the torso on its own I went with it. Now here is the kicker and the reason I only have one pic. The mask crumbled, so I'm left with a headless Snake Eyes as Flint body.

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