PMS: Royal Security
SMS: Strategic Command

Overlord is a former Crimson Guardsman who believes in traditional Cobra values - gradual but steady world conquest and acquisition of personal wealth. When Destro took the throne of Scotland, Overlord realised that these values are at the core of the new kingdom. He quickly offered his services to the new king. Recognising Overlord's powerful and charismatic personality, Destro assigned him to lead the Iron Sentinels - a group of royal bodyguards picked from the finest that the Iron Grenadiers could offer. Now responsible for everything from palace security to guarding the king himself, Overlord looks forward to the day when Destro's rule will have spread all over the world.

My initial plan was to make Overlord as well as a couple of his troopers, the Iron Sentinels. Being short on time, I decided to focus on Overlord. I hope to have the Sentinels ready to post in the ''Critiques'' section by the time the GP goes live.

Overlord is a relatively simple custom. I wanted to use this GP to experiment a little with soft goods. My goal was to make a custom that would fit into my Joeverse when the GP was over. So, I decided to stick with the traditional IG colors.

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