GI Robot 2.0

GI Robot 2.0 In the waning days of World War II Allied scientists began work on the prototype of what would become the second GI Robot. Unfortunately, the war ended before work could be completed, and all data and materials were put into storage in a facility in the Nevada desert and forgotten. Almost sixty years later it was discovered by High Tech as he was researching more effective ways of combating Cobra B.A.T.S. The parts were brought to the PITT and were reassembled and retro fitted with 21st century technology. Once online, GI Robot 2.0 proved to be an effective counter measure against B.A.T.S. As part of his ongoing improvements High Tech has fitted the GI Robot with a rudimentary artificial intelligence which gives it the capability of operating independently.

This was a hard one for me to start due to drawing the Incinerator head. Finally I decided to go with an upgrade of the old DC Comics GI Robot, and things fell into place quickly.

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