Road Warrior Shipwreck
Road Warrior Shipwreck
Road Warrior Shipwreck

After the destruction of Springfield and the death of his love, Mara, Shipwreck
was never the same. But it wasn't until after the final battle between Cobra and G.I. Joe that the full effects of her death finally took its toll. In the post-apocalyptic world following the destruction of most of the free world,Shipwreck was one of the few survivors of the war. Stranded in Australia, where he was assigned during the final battle, he salvaged a Cobra Moray and set sail into the Pacific. Before he left he took aboard a wild boar, originally as a source of food. But each time he was prepared to slaughter the pig the sea would provide him with an alternative food source. Eventually he began to see the pig as a companion, much in the same way as his dear departed Polly was until her untimely death when she was eaten by a wild dingo. Along with Porkchop, Shipwreck sails the seas in search of a peace he hasn't had in many many years.

As seems to be my custom, I missed the blind pull again this year. I had my
figure to donate and everything but completely spaced it. So I headed down to the JoeArmory booth and ZombieGuide was kind enough to let me dig through his busted parts bin to find pieces for my figure (my donation was handed off to be given to JoeCzar). I didn't look at the parts I was pulling and simply took the first sets of legs, arms, torso, crotch and head I found.

The Shipwreck head was the last piece I pulled and it brought the whole custom together. The Zandar arms with their armored shoulders and the Hawk torso combined to give me the "Road Warrior" look I wanted. After some minor mods to the neckball and the torso shoulder sockets the figure went together really easily. I based the color scheme on Mel Gibson's costume from "The Road Warrior" and it came of just like I pictured it.

The addition of the boar came later on Sunday when I grabbed it out of the JoeArmory miscellaneous parts bin. I didn't even think about Polly until I bought the boar and the idea for Porkchop was born.

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