File Name: Splinters, Udor N.
Primary Military Specialty: SWAT
Secondary Military Specialty: Diesel Mechanics
Birthplace: Somewhere in Hungary

Abandoned at a young age by his parents in the woods outside Budapest, Udor lived for 5 years as a "wild boy" surviving off the land until a group of local hunters captured him in a trap. Adopted by a businessman and his wife, he was given the best schooling money could buy and soon acclimated back into civilization. But at age 15 tragedy again struck and Udor's foster father was gunned down by drug dealers outside his office. Shattered, Udor and his mother emigrated to the United States. Studying hard the young man entered the police academy as soon as he was old enough to help prevent what happened to his foster father from happening to anyone else. He eventually joined the Detroit SWAT team under Jason Faria and took over when he left to join GI Joe as Shockwave. But when Shockwave decided the GI Joe DEF team needed some serious muscle, he asked Udor to join up. Udor now spends his days as Masterkey happily busting down Headhunter doors and knocking Cobra heads.

From the files of Jason Faria: "Masterkey is the best SWAT door kicker I ever met. He's 400 pounds of solid muscle and mean as a grizzly bear. OK so he's a little scary. He never takes his mask off (He's white as a sheet underneath from lack of sun!) and he rarely speaks. He never socializes with the other Joes and spends all his time lifting weights. But doors quake at the sound of his boots and Headhunters run in fear at the sight of him. He's the only man I ever saw take a full load of buckshot to the vest at point blank range and not fall over."

"Talk to the soles!"

I got off easy. All my parts fit together and looked good except the legs which looked out of place, so I added some shin guards with my meager sculpting skills and some green stuff. They're a little rough, but OK.

I thought the paint looked pretty good, but the pictures brought out a lot of flaws and missed parts. Aw well, I never said I was another Dream or Joeczar, or Kamakura, or any of the other greats!

I didn't give him any weapons in the pictures because I didn't pull any. I did give him the EXCELLENT Marauder Inc. IDS stand because he needed help standing up and let's face it: They're AWESOME! His weapons load out will eventually be a Marauder M4 with under slung shotgun and a helmet with visor. Perhaps a riot shield as well.

The color scheme was picked by my nephews who wanted him to look like Widescope. Looks pretty good I think! Wish I could color match the eyes, but oh well.

Hope you enjoyed seeing it as much as I did making it!

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