Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball struggled to find work in the Cobra organization, as Cobra Commander looked first to both Dr. Mindbender and the Interrogator whenever an operation required mind control abilities. He found that his natural talents simply could not compete with the advanced technologies employed by his rivals, He toiled in Broca Beach as a ride operator for several years, ridiculed even by the lowly Toxo-Vipers stationed there. Then, one day, a new power moved into town, a brash low-level drug runner who called himself the Headman. Crystal Ball could have prevented the Headman from setting up shop there, but instead he saw his chance to escape the cycle of failure when the Headman offered him a position to use his talents to "convince" people to become new customers who otherwise would never have considered such a thing. This time, however, Crystal Ball would embrace the technology that he had previously shunned ....

Like everyone else in the Blind Pull competition, I pulled my parts at random for this custom. Oddly enough, I ended up with almost entirely arctic parts.

In my opinion, the D.E.F. group affiliation I picked actually worked out fairly well for Crystal Ball. Viper had an interesting idea for adding paint to the face to make CB look more bloodshot, like an addict. I ultimately decided against that idea, mostly because I don't consider myself skilled enough yet to paint that kind of tiny detail.

I tried to match the color layout pretty closely to the original figure.

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