In 2069, CEDRIC was known only as "Number 27". He was part of a well-publicised experiment, where 30 women were selected from a pool of volunteers to birth children who were to be genetically altered during the gestation process. The purpose of the experiment was to produce children with an extremely high intellect, increased motor skills, a high metabolism, and a strong tolerance for pain. The experiment was unprecidented failure, and only 3 children survived the birth process. Of those 3, only number 27 survived until adolescance. Of the mothers, none survived. During the 3 year media circus and legal battles that followed, the Connecticuit based company who spearheaded the experiment, "Pylamenadyne", folded and caused the avalanche of corporate buyouts and mergers that took place that year in 2072. The rapid decay of the area in the Old US now known as "No Mans Land" is also acknowledged as being begun by this event.

Number 27 was treated as property of Pylamenadyne, and transferred along with all other assets to Cyber-GenX during its merger. Cyber-GenX conducted some research on Number 27, and discovered that in his case the genetic engineering was moderately successful. He tested very high on intelligence tests (genius level), had incredible dexterity, and is actually unable to feel pain. However they also found that his body had begun to deteriorate rapidly, causing many of his major organs to fail. After releasing news that Number 27 had died, scientists at Cyber-GenX began their own experiments. They replaced 27's heart with a miniture fusion generator, and his liver and lungs with mechanical devices. This procedure caused his left arm to become infected, and they replaced that as well. Since 27 had no depth perception (another unfortunate side effect) they replaced his right eye with a cybernetic one, which gave him the ability to magnify his field of vision as well as read thermal images. He was also given some brain modification, providing him the ability to store images within his mind to recall at will. Number 27 was then given the designation: Computer Enabled Data Research Investigation Cyborg, or CEDRIC. In 2094 Cyber-GenX faced criminal charges for extortion, and rather than compund their folly by letting the Global Legal Foundry find out about CEDRIC, it was decided that he would be destroyed. The chief scientist couldn't bear to allow his greatest achievement to be destroyed, so he fled with CEDRIC to "No Mans Land". Before he died, Dr. Mensiker taught CEDRIC how to repair himself and provide maintenance. Knowing that he was unable to feel physical pain, CEDRIC constructed a monitoring device that would warn him when his body was being injured and was in need of medical assistance. This device was installed on his right forearm, and is capable of releasing anti-biodics into his bloodstream to fight infection until he can get further assistance.

"The guy is sort of creepy to be around, considering more of him is machine than not...and thats without mentioning he's over 125 years old! Once you start to talk to him though, you begin to realize that his soul is more human than anyone else I've ever met. He's seen a lot of pain in his years, but he won't let the hurt cloud the small joys he's also witnessed. He's a great person with a lot of dedication, and he's got a lot of heart...even if it is a fusion generator."

This figure was very difficult for me to envision, but I don't think it came out too bad. It seems that everyone is making a figure with cybornetic implants, so I had to try to go for parts that nobody else would think of. I think I managed that, whens the last time you saw 'lobbys head in a custom??

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