To call Hacker a mysterious type is to call the sky blue. Discovered in a portion of the long buried PITT by a few of the very first re-formed Joe team, Hacker prefers to let his actions speak for him. His technology, which he looted from a Cobra World War Museum, has been re-programed, upgraded, and is unquestionably some of the most hi-tech equipment ever made. Rarely seen without his helmet, which has laser-guided aiming, as well as various other detectors (heat, motion, etc), Hacker is withdrawn and quiet, some saying that he had a major involvement in the last Cobra War. Hacker's left arm is also cybernetic, a replacement for the one he lost during combat. Using this arm he can uplink into almost any computer system and re-program it using the readout in his helmet. Hacker claims this is how he gained access to the PITT in the first place.

"I have seen more death than any man should. I have lost more than any man need to. I will not let such chaos occur anymore. With my equipment I can snipe a fly off of any Cobra's helmet or hack into their very infrastructure and open the main gate myself. Take me to the battle and we will come back victorious. You have my word."

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