Primary Military Speciality: Heavy Artillery
Secondary Military Specialty: Fire trooper
Birthplace: Unknown
Family: Deceased

Hellfire's real name is unknown..the only thing known about him is that his family was slaughtered by Cobra and he was left to burn in his house..his body was so severly scorned that he could not show it in public..he then joined the joe team to get revenge..he wears a Gas Mask to protect him from the deadly heat and dangerous fumes of fires.He also has on heavy chest armor and light leg armor..he carrys a big torch in one hand and a MP5-Short in his other..strapped to his back is his fully automatic Heavy Fusion Battle Gun. This gun is one of the More Hi-Tech weapons you can get. He also has a gas pack on the backpack with a hose that connects to his flamethrower.

The rest of his Past is to shady to be told about now or Classified.

I would like to thank Shockwave for all of his help!

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