Name: Yamato, Kenshi

Yamato was literally born and bred for the B.O.L.T. Races. Even while still in his mother's womb, he was fed intraveniously with various "cocktails"; a mixture of growth hormones and various animal DNA. His father knew of his potential, even at a young age, when Kenshi displayed amazing athletic skill and a mind boggling capability for learning. At the tender age of 12, Kenshi was capable of feats of strength and reflexes that would make a 25 year old Olympic Gold Medalist green with envy. His mind seemed to soak in information like a sponge and he entered his first B.O.L.T. Race at 15, the youngest competetor ever. Soon afterwards he became the youngest champion ever, and was heading towards a life of fame and fortune.

However, he found out about his father's genetic experiments on his own son, and quickly became disillusioned, but carried on in the name of honor. On his 18th birthday, the elder Yamato signed a lucrative deal with CobraCorps, and Kenshi had had enough. He escaped with his B.O.L.T., his father in close pursuit in a craft of his own. Over the badlands of America, his own father shot him down, and he crashed and burned, apparently killed in the crash. But the young man was not dead, and swore revenge, soon meeting up in Detroit with a machinery expert and ex-Cobra Veteran who went only by the name Blacksmith. He showed Kenshi the ropes of armed combat and modified his B.O.L.T. into a deadly assault aircraft. Shortly thereafter, they met up with a small resistance team called G.I. Joe and joined up. Due to the high percentage of animal DNA in his system, Kamikaze has hightened senses, strength, speed and stamina, but it comes at a dangerous price. If his adreneline soars too high, he regresses into a berserk, animal state, with no thought, only savage destruction. He requires medication at regular intervals in order to regulate his metabolism.

"He is a quiet man, but just oozes confidence. One of the most honorable men I've ever met, but hides a dark secret; In combat, he's like a honed, focused wildfire, but he must constantly keep himself in check, lest the flames roar out of control."

I would like to thank Shockwave for all of his help!

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