Real Name: Bixler Wallace
Primary Military Specialty: Sniper
Birth Place: Believed to be somewhere in Scotland

No one really knows how the Wallace brothers come into the ranks of the G.I. Joe team. They came from the rolling hills of Scotland and are believed to be direct descendents of the Walace Clan; known for liberating Scotland from England in days of the old. How they came to live in the former United States of America is unknown. Rumor has it they came to the aid of Redwolf,and helped him free some fallen Joes. WISHMAKER is the oldest of the three brothers, and has looked after them from the time their father died. They share a special bond that leaves the other Joes puzzled. If one is in trouble the other two know through a psychic link. The Wallace Clan mostly keeps to themselves, but considers the other freedom fighters their brothers. They are the first team to enter a battle to run reckon and surveillance. Being raised in a time of kill or be killed, WISHMAKER is an expert marksman in both a compound bow and a sniper riffle. "No one questions the Wallace brothers about their past. What they do in the field speaks for itself. One thing is for sure, I am glad they are on our side!"

The idea for this figure came from the Mad Max films. I have always like movies about the future and what it would be like. I started with enamel paint but I could not get it to dry so I went to the hobby store and found some acrylic paint, and it worked out fine. after I painted him, I wanted a dusty and worn look to his clothes so I used a matte spray clear coat sealant. It gave him what I thought was a cool look. This was my first figure I did and I thought it turned out pretty good. I have his brothers made and will post them, along with more of their history, when such time is allowed.

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