From the journal of Dr. Mindbender MkIV:

My most important discovery from the scanner's cache came with an ironic twist. Would I really be able to stop the new Cobra Commander with the son of the first?

Originally born August 17, 1974, Billy, the son of the first Cobra Commander was the first face of the anti-Cobra underground movement. Even at a young age, he was able to handle the Brainwave Scanner better than most adults. Unknowingly out to foil his own father, his tenacity was noticed by the likes of Major Bludd, Baroness, and even Storm Shadow. If not for Destro, Billy might have committed patricide! Now the idea of Billy killing Cobra Commander does not seem so terrible.

The vast amount of cached data on Billy was overwhelming. He was subjected to its torture several dozen times over the span of two decades, yet he was always able to overcome its effects. Even after losing a limb and eye, his spirit was never broken. He was trained as a ninja by Storm Shadow and even made amends with his terrorist father. His life embodied the humanity that I had lost. He would become my way to retribution. He would be my son and I would be his father; I will make his first father proud.

My prayers became answers as I built 81774, Billy's robotic body. He was the most advanced android I had ever created, and his knowledge will hopefully lead us to victory over the new Cobra. As a powered on, I saw the light flicker in his eye, and I heard him say, "Not you again!" Success!

Billy was inspired by some of Larry Hama's newest GI Joe comics. Billy's personality was invaded by Dr. Venom through the Brainwave scanner, and recently Snake Eyes' memories have been downloaded into a Cobra trainee.

The idea of a memory cache kind of fueled this project for me. I built this figure from the head (thanks Matthew) and the legs. Raiden's (Nunchuk) feet give both the ninja feel and the tennis shoe look that Billy has around issue 60 when he got his new leg. I also used Vega's (Banzai) thighs and knees because the knee braces could be robotic. I added some trim tape to help with the shorts.

Like the legs, the color scheme was inspired by Billy's comic look around issue 60. Though I am not sure how well it came together, it was a fun figure to create.

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