Briggs, Axel R.
Primary Military Function: Mechanic
Secondary Military Function: Salvage
Birthplace: The Gutter.

Since it's founding in the late 20th century, the Dreadnoks have had it's fair share of 'unique' alumni... Pirates, Poachers, Ex-nuns... none have broken the mold quite like Chop-Shop. Growing up in the impoverished perimeter of Vegas known as 'the gutter', his livelong experience in scavenging and swindling has molded him into an expert Mechanic. His reputation for getting total wrecks back to working order with both limited time and parts never fails to impress, nor does the speed and skill in which he can strip a total loss for parts. Unfortunately, both of these traits tend to be overshadowed by his status of 'complete bonehead'. Wither it's his goofy pompadour, outlandish arrogance, or grandiose claims of his lineage... many of the Raiders consider him their village idiot. Regardless, he remains the mechanic of choice for Razorback's Raiders. Tool of choice is an adjustable plasma torch.

Personal evaluation/warning from Razorback: "Chopshop is a gutless little punk, a complete moron, and unfortunately the best mechanic we've ever seen. He doesn't ride with the rest of the Raiders... no, he cleans up afterwards. Fixes the hogs that took damage, and scraps everything that fell. Ours, the Snakes, anything of any use he'll have tore up and stowed before another group can slither in. Until then I get the unfortunate job of making sure the rest don't kill him. When he aint working, he has this annoying habit of bragging, overestimating his self-importance, and making stupid claims like he's descended from Elvis. I swear, if he wasn't so useful in keepin this outfit operational.... I'd have strangled him a LONG time ago."

Ever have one of those projects when you start out wanting to do one thing and end up doing another?

That's Chopshop in a nutshell.

I was going back to my pre-rule idea for Heavy Metal #2.... but I started fiddling with parts, specifically the recently cracked torso of Duke, Threw on Falcon's arms and the Thrasher head, and 'voila', Chopshop was born. The rest came easily... mostly due to the pompadour and that goofy smirk. Cut the zap laser cord in half to allow use of the hose, lets him actually hold it.

Like they said 'have fun'.

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