Drs. Mindbenders

From the journal of Dr. Mindbender MkIV:

Who can he has died and been reborn? Who can say that he has done so twice? Thanks to Ephesus, I can.

Lincoln was to be the savior, my savior. After 200 years, my body had all but failed; I was more machine than man. That lead to my demise: I had lost my humanity. When Lincoln lead his siege on Cobra Island, I watched as struck down the Joes one-by-one as they cried out for help. I felt no pity for their deaths. If I had, then I might have seen what was to come. With our foes destroyed, I assumed I would be bestowed with power; how wrong I was! We had set the stage for Lincoln to take over the world!

On July 5, 2207, Lincoln, now Serpentor the Cobra Commander, buried me along with others he deemed "threats" in the freighter under the volcano, seeing that previous escape routes were destroyed. How fitting that my second death would be in the same place as the first. As the others began to die around me, I powered down with the hopes that one day I would be rescued. Years passed, yet one day I was found by an unlikely source, an acolyte of Prophet, a man I helped destroy. Bringing me into the sunlight, I was able to power on emergency systems enough to instruct Ephesus to help me "live" again.

Seeking both revenge and my humanity, I set to seek a way to restore myself. After months of study, I located a cache of memories in the Brainwave Scanner. Dr. Venom continues to showcase his brilliance nearly two and half centuries later. With little hope of finding what I needed, providence prevailed! In a fitting twist, I found myself where it all began: at the first creation of Serpentor. Though I had only been briefly attached to the scanner, it was not the memories that I needed, just my personality... my humanity.

Unfortunately I had no new bodies for my old self. By creating a miniature growth chamber within my robotic frame, I literally was being remade from the inside out. Things were about to get weird.

Since Mindbender had been made for the original project, I found inspiration in those parts and colors.

From there, I had to find a way to make Mindbender over the top. i have used Armortech legs before on a figure, and I have given four arms to figures, but never both. I just stumbled upon the Headman head because it fit under the helmet. Originally, he was going to be a cyborg, but that changed as I began painting. I am not sure why a cyborg needs a space helmet, but it looks cool, right?

The Mindbender face in the stomach came out of nowhere. The General Hawk torso is backwards which allows for the face to by attached to the front of the body.

Even though it is super weird, I totally enjoy this figure. Mindbender customs are always fun.

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