Jack Journey
Jack Journey
Jack Journey

Nobody knows exactly where Jack came from, how old he is or his past. Jack's not telling either. Jack speaks only in riddles, and always seems to have intel that benefits others, provided you can help him and decipher his riddles.

His relationship with different factions varies, with the exception of one. Cobra wants him dead, and wants to know where he gets his intel from. By outward appearances, Jack looks to be an old half crippled man, who needs a walking stick and moves very slow. His face disfigured with scars and burns, an arm missing and replaced at some point with cybernetic technology. Often underestimated by opponents, rumors of Jack moving and fighting with lightning quick reflexes often go unrealized until it's too late for Cobra.

Stories of Jack go back many years, stories of a drifter with information for sale, information that would be useful to a team of resistance fighters like GI Joe. Seeing him as an ally, the people of the New World helped him with supplies and food fr many years.

Things started to change though, as Jack would often begin to act suspicious and become hostile, telling the inhabitants they need to leave, vandalizing areas of the main square with strange symbols, and getting into physical altercations with GI Joe team members that were stationed at New World. He spoke of a false prophet, who is leading them to doom.

The New World had no choice but to exile him for theirs and his won safety, and Jack once again was wandering the No Man's Land. As No Man's Land began a restructuring and Cobra forces began to rebuild, Jack traveled west, with the intention of making it to MARS held territory. MARS had always treated Jack with respect and paid well.

His journey came to a halt as he was captured outside Las Vegas by some Nomad dreadnoks. Not sure what to make of him, they let him tag along until they met up with their newest ally, who was very interested in the intel Jack could provide.

Jack met with Dane McCullen who convinced him that everyone has a destiny, and his was not to wander alone. With that, Jack joined up with the new GI Joe team.

I did some experimenting with using flames to add a dirty/gritty effect on the figure, and to give the appearance of scars on his face outside the painted ones. The figure himself has a slightly hunched over posture as well, and with the dirt and grime I was going for the Mad Max unwashed/beaten down look.

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