Lincoln Hawk

From the journal of Dr. Mindbender MkIII:

He was my greatest achievement: Lincoln Hawk- the savior of the world.

A lot has changed in the two hundred years since I first created Serpentor. In the 22nd Century, cyborgs were commonplace, robots were sold at Cobra-Mart, but no one had ever bred such a creation. On the surface, Lincoln looked human, but his DNA was an unholy combination of God and man, chromosomes and nanomytes. He was faster, stronger, smarter than I could have imagined, and he played his part so perfectly that he began to believe his own hype.

On July 4, 2207, Lincoln fulfilled his task by slaughtering the Joe team, revealing himself as Serpentor, the new Cobra Commander. The Joes thought he was their Savior; we thought he was our leader; he thought he was our God.

Lincoln was inspired by the figures of the original Lincoln Hawk (Mercer's head) and Camper's Cobra Commander.

After the head and torso, I looked for parts that complimented them as well as worked for Serpentor. The mask was the most difficult part, but I love the way his eyes look through the eye holes.

The cape was cut in the same shape as Destro v2, and I think it completes the look of Serpentor.

The paint scheme was meant to mimic Camper's Cobra Commander with a Serpentor vibe.

I enjoy these custom so much that I may revisit this idea again later to create another Serpentor using the comic pack head and helmet.

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