Perennis Vulpus
Perennis Vulpus
Perennis Vulpus

Real Name: Various
PMF: Light Infantry
SMF: various
Birthplace: Degana sector

The Perennis Shocktroop Division is comprised of approximately 750 foot-soldiers under the command of Siege. Created in an effort to supply Cobra with a superior soldier, able to survive any terrain while holding their own against any aggressor, the Perennis soldiers are durable troops clad in thick, durable armor and have at their disposal an arsenal of high-yield weaponry. All Perennis train over the course of 10 years in the Degana Sector, a land area of 100 square miles of nothing but city ruins, before being tested in the North Pole, Ecuador, and deep sea. All of this hones their survival skills, while familiarizing them with their weapons before being deployed.

The Vulpus is a sub-group of this division. Equipped for speed rather than endurance, they act as spotters, mine-layers, and scouts for the main body of the Perennis. Outfitted with an experimental stealth-suit which masks the wearers heat signature, while scattering attempts at visual detection through light enhancement methods (ie: night vision), and a non-friction weave and Light-tread footwear reduce potential audio detection. Finally, as an anti-theft feature, the suit is genetically coded to each Vulpus, preventing any use from unauthorized individuals. While having the same weapon access as the Standard Perennis, Vulpus units primarily rely on light weaponry.

"The Perennis are heavy-duty front-line soldiers, Over 700 of the meanest, heavily-armed sod's you'll regret ever meeting. The Vulpus are the sneakiest foxes you'll never see coming."

When talk came around that we where short handed in the villain department, I sat down and just played around with my fodder. These two just built themselves, well except for the arms. I had wanted to use the Resolute trooper arms, but the one set I had didn't fit, and I was hesitant to crack the last TRU Firefly I had sitting about.

Spent all of the 2nd painting them up. Took an xacto and Dremmel combo to get all the bits together for that Perennis launcher, as an ode to the original fig.

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