Deluca, Norris J.
PMF: Law Enforcement
SMF: Special Weapons and Tactics
Birthplace: Las Vegas, NV

Since his formative years on Las Vegas's mean streets, Norris Deluca has displayed a brutal passion for enforcing justice. Wither it was assaulting classmates who where chewing gum, to his draconian tour as hall-monitor, he had ample street-cred by the time he enlisted in the Enforcers, the Dreadnok equivalent of Law enforcement. It was on the beat, where his brutality spread out onto the street, that he earned his nickname, 'Razorback'. A combination of his Perpetrator Apprehension/Neutralization count and overall conduct on the streets, conduct that didn't include being a 'good cop', that earned him the Rank of Lieutenant, and command of his own unit. For 7 years, he and his Special Weapons Unit worked to protect the Vegas area and it's citizens from threats both inside and outside the city limits.

But he wasn't prepared for the greatest threat of all... from within the hierarchy.

In early 2206, the Dreadnok leader announced the acquisition of the Continent of Australia from Cobra. Citing their having grown too distant from their core values, he proposed an unprecedented mass migration of all his people to their home soil, with joint assistance from Cobra. While some had doubts of the validity of the plan, and despite open objections, there were many who were won over by an aggressive PR campaign, and in April, what would be called the 'Melbourne Exodus' began. From all over the world, Dreadnok soldiers and their families willingly returned to the Dusty continent of their 'ancestors'. While he himself wasn't swayed by talk of their 'promised land', Razorback believed their leader was working in the best interests of his people, and his squad worked alongside the 'Relocation Bureau' in helping the move.

It was all too late when they realized this was all a ruse.

Like the early Settlers brought over by the British, the Continent was intended to act as a prison, keeping the Dreadnoks out of circulation in preparation for things to come. Once the bulk of the Dreadnok population had been moved successfully to Australia, the coordinated demolition of all of Australia's ports heralded in the 2nd stage of operation: Botany Bay began. In a coordinated effort, all populated Dreadnok outposts were simultaneously raided by the Cobra military, all acting under strict orders to kill all stragglers; citizens and soldiers alike. Even with their diminished numbers standing against superior firepower, the remnants refused to go quietly, opting rather to die fighting. While much of this resistance was short-lived, Las Vegas was another case entirely.

While Cobra had the foresight to cut off the advanced communications between Dreadnok-controlled locations, they had neglected the 'antique' land-lines that ran to-and-from the Gutter, a slum that surrounded the Las Vegas like a Moat. This unfortunate oversight gave the interior ample warning of the oncoming purge, allowing the remaining Enforcers ample time to coordinate a counter-offensive. Even with the benefit of the home-field advantage and with the mounted Ambush, it was obvious this would be a loosing battle. Thus, the Senior Enforcers proposed a ruse of their own... the willing would remain to rage on against the invading forces, while Enforcers and qualified personnel would lead simultaneous evacuations through the freight lines; 3 tunnels that allowed for the movement of certain 'merchandise' to and from the cities outskirts. Lots had to be drawn to decide who would lead the evacuation lines, as the remaining enforcers would primarily prefer to fight than run. Razorback's squad would take tunnel 1, with Chopper and Ember's squads using 2 and 3. When the convoys where securely inside the tunnels, the elevators where sealed behind them.

They'd ridden down the line for what seemed like hours, the lights above flickered as the tunnel shook from the explosions above, bringing dust and shards of concrete down upon them. They where within a mile of the exit... when there was a tiny red dot blinking along the walls. At their rate of speed there was no time to react... their vehicles speeding past it, and activating the laser tripwire. Seconds later... hell opened up. Razorback's motorcycle buckled up beneath him, pressure-sensetive mines sending his motorcycle flying end-over end, seconds before a delayed detonation sent shrapnel flying down like rain from the ceilings, eviscerating all in their wake... finally, the demolition charges began to collapse the tunnel down upon anyone who remained. Razorback didn't know for how long he was out, but by some small miracle he was still alive. Bruised, bleeding, and possibly sporting a broken leg, but alive.

Much to his horror, he soon discovered he would be the only survivor. His squad, the Rookies, the civilians he was charged to protect, gone. Jerry-rigging some field wrappings, he collected the tags from his squad, and made his way back up to the surface. Limping up through the rubble, he could only watch helplessly as his city, his home, burned before his very eyes. Shortly after, he he ambushed one of the Corp-Sec patrol units...breaking the trooper's neck, then stealing the troopers gear and motorcycle before riding off into the desert.

Before the smoke cleared, Cobra had suffered a casualty rate around 35% worldwide, with the majority of those casualties being in the taking of Vegas, but they had achieved their objective. The Dreadnoks had been broken. Botany Bay had been spun as a police action. Australia was Quarantined.... it's waters constantly patrolled by Cobra's Naval forces coordinated out of an Installation in New Zealand, authorized to Sink on Site any attempt at escape. On the mainlands survivors where forced into hiding, under constant threat of being discovered and executed by Cobra forces. Even with this noose handing over their heads, some opted to become Mercenaries or scofflaws, lacking any unity or allegiance to anyone but themselves. Scattered and disorganized, they'd become little more than a nuisance than a threat to Cobra's agenda.

This didn't last for long.

As with many of those fortunate to survive, Razorback had found sanctuary in the wasteland. Missionaries from Profit offering comfort and aide where they could with what little they had. As soon as he could walk firmly, and got a paint-job for his new ride, he went out to repay them for their hospitality. Small stuff at first, hitting supply trucks, intervening on behalf of other refugees, and occasionally raiding Cobra operations around Vegas. The word of Cobra's defeat of G.I. Joe and their intensified crack-down on rebel factions didn't impede his actions. His squads dog-tags never leaving his neck as his campaign intensified. Soon, he began to gather a following, word spreading about his vigilant defiance of Cobra. While reluctant at first, he eventually started Recruiting. Now he leads his own resistance, a rag-tag group of survivors, all armed with whatever weaponry and equipment that can be scavenged off of their targets. Through the use of ambushes and hit-and-run tactics, he and his motley crew of Raiders have been effectively destabilizing Cobra operations throughout the Southwest sector. His consistent embarrassment of the corporation has earned him the top slot on Cobra's most wanted list, as well a rather sizable bounty placed on his head. The only thing that 10,000,000 serpentines and a two-rank promotion has produced is a long line of ambitious corpses.

'Reflections' from Gristle, Dreadnok Raider: " Back in the day, his walking down the street would cause everybody to scatter. He was like one of them guard dogs, gave him berth and there'd be no problem... but mess with the sanctity of his territory, his junk-yard, and you'd be in a world of hurt. Vegas was that junkyard, with it's people being the junk he and the other enforcers protected. Now that's gone... and rather than just crawl off to die.... he's just expanded his territory. To all the survivors out there he's some kinda saint... brings protection and hope. To all of us, the boss is our Champion... he gives us a chance to stick it to the dirty snakes what took everything from us. As for the rank-and-file... heh... he's like the devil incarnate. He revs his Sentry's engines, lets it echo over the distance, and you can almost feel the fear of god getting put in those belly-sliders. They know their in the fight for his lives... cuz we're giving them the same quarter they gave us."

I spent the bulk of the summer trying to build this guy. I had ideas that never worked out; missing the parts, parts didn't fit, or the end result just didn't sit right with me. I could have very well set the bar too high when I made the original subliminal road-warrior homage.

Went with Flat Black as my Primary and Gunmetal as my secondary, with bits of Leather and Aluminum accents.

If only the TRU exclusives where out in August... that firefly web-gear would look a a lot better on him IMHO.

Special thanks to Chad_Ghost for the Torso

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