Perennis Commander

Born Name: Williams, Marcus J.
Current Name: Collins, Frederic W.
PMF: Tactical assault
SMF: Espionage
Birthplace: Cobra Sector 1132 (formerly known as Arizona)

As with many, Marcus Williams started at the bottom of the Cobra ladder. A mere intern, through his drive, determination, and superior intellect he was able to climb his way to the elite status of Crimson Guard, making him the youngest to ever take the title. Given the new identity of Frederic Collins, he quickly took to the life of corporate espionage.  His spotless record and success rate on assignments gained him notice among the corporate hierarchy, and when they decided they needed a new spokesman, it was only natural that he was their first choice.  Charming, driven, and ambitious... he was the epitome of the cobra dream, exactly what cobra needed for their Public relations campaign. He was taken off active field duty, and assigned to the field of propaganda. It started slow; infomercials, Public Service Announcements, Assemblies, Endorsements. Once he was sufficiently introduced to the public, he was outfitted with strength-enhancing armor, along with a 5.56mm Minigun and an Experimental EM velocity cannon, and was given the code name Siege. He was spun as the armored defender of Cobra, protecting it's hard-working citizens from the 'marauding hordes' of 'sub-human' rebels that scrounged through the wastelands.

While strictly meant to be used as a Corporate figurehead, an unscripted act of valor would grant him the opportunity to engage in actual combat, being called in to aide in the defense of outposts against incursions from the wasteland. His tactical insight would eventually lead to him gaining an unofficial command over the Perennis, an elite unit of Shocktroops who's success against Americorps had proven their combat effectiveness. Over the next 6 years, Siege's strategic mind would consistently lead them to victory in their push eastward to take Free-World. In 2204, the rebel unit known as G.I. Joe would become the official army of Free-world. It was here that Siege would come up against his first real challenge. Their unorthodox methods, combined with the diverse roster of specialists made this rag-tag group of rebels hard to predict.  Multiple encounters against them would lead to stalemates or retreats, leaving the first black marks on his otherwise prestigious record. This didn't bode well for his position as a corporate spokesman. Faith was beginning to falter, as how could he keep the public confident in the Corporation if he couldn't hold his own against a handful of wasteland terrorists?

Then, in late 2206, the unthinkable... the Joes would not only successfully push Cobra from both the northeast and freeworld, but also succeed in killing Cobra commander in the process.  The removal of their Senior official likened to opening Pandora's box; as the ever present threat of G.I. Joe loomed, factions within Cobra began plotting their own power-grabs, while unaffiliated groups began springing up worldwide. Siege worked with other ranking officials to coordinate efforts in maintaining order, using both the Perennis and Corp-sec to attempt to stem the tides of Chaos. It was during these efforts when, in June of 2207, he would be caught in this violence.  En-route to a conference in Dallas, the transport carrying himself and several board-members where attacked by unidentified forces. Using a stolen APC, their vehicle was rammed at an intersection, rolling before it slammed into the side of a building, resting upside down. The crew moved out to finish the job, preparing to use an RPG against the exposed underbelly of the vehicle, save for the timely intervention of their escort. Securing the vehicle, the Driver was found dead, the board members suffering from a broken arm and a few bruises. Siege was found non-responsive at the scene, later it was found he'd suffered a severe concussion, as well as a shattered leg, dislocated shoulder and several broken ribs.

It was on July 4th that he came out of his comatose state, and as Cobra re-asserted it's dominance over the world, his long, painful road to recovery would begin.

Even with the medical technology of the day, the injuries he suffered couldn't be fixed overnight. Wounds of that severity take time to heal, and years of physical therapy. While he couldn't will his bones to set themselves, he faced his recuperation the same drive and determination that earned him the rank of Crimson Guard. He hit physical therapy with such tenacity that he recovered in half the time. But by the time he returned, he simply wasn't needed for the spin machine. He'd outgrown his spokesman days. They opted to trade in for a younger model to sell the companies propaganda. Fortunately, his talents would be needed elsewhere. His tactical prowess and the dedication shown to Cobra having long impressed Cobra's Emperor... who offered him the position of official Commander of the Perennis forces.

Now he works outside the limelight, coordinating the Perennis from on and off the battlefield in their war against Cobra's last great enemy; M.A.R.S.

"Siege was the youngest soldier ever to earn the rank of Crimson Guard. A sacred rank coveted by everyone within the industry, from the Corp-sec to the lowliest Janitor... it takes intelligence, drive, and willingness to adapt to any potential obstacle. It's this same meticulous drive, now with the added kick of a lifetime's worth of experience, he uses to coordinate movement of the Perennis. He's walking proof that 'Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger', well... slightly limping proof."

Couldn't do the Stormtroopers... so I went back to another of my chars from the expansion, Siege. I wanted to expand on him a bit... take him out of the armor and give him a Commanding officer feel.

I'd been eternally perturbed at the fact that None of my fodder torso's would fit the Tracker head. He was so scowly... perfect for some type of military villain. It was either too long or too short... and if it did fit it had terrible motion. Then I was just messing about with the spare Cobra Commander I had sitting about, and BAM. VICTORY!

The torso popped apart with minimum effort after a 2 minute boil. Then it was down to the question of Arm/Coat Combo and legs.

The Joe Trooper arms/Gambit Coat was a might gaudy... tiny arms with a huge collar like that. And really, I never intended to use those legs... ever. They just had the saving grace of fitting. Still, looks awesome.

Not sure if he qualifies as an LBC... might have left most of the black alone, but aside from some touching up I did paint over the Coat, Boots, and his helmet.

But yeah... his name has been misspelled for almost 15 years. X(

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