Six Shot
Six Shot
Six Shot
Six Shot

Six Shot was just a teenager in the Southwestern United States when Serpentor destroyed the Joe team. He'd grown up in a small desolate town straddling the borders of Cobra owned territory and Mars territory.

He'd become familiar with the resistance growing up, and often found himself wanting to be part of it as he aged, his rebellious nature fueling the desire to rage against the machine and laws. He began to make incursions into hostile territory, raiding supply depot's, amassing weapons.

Word spread quickly of the defeat of the Joe team, and around the world, anybody that was identified as any sort of resistance was put on the most wanted list by Cobra. Many went into hiding, gave up the struggle, or struck out on their own, not wanting to have the same fate as the Joe team, not trusting anyone to bring them together.

Six Shot roamed the territories still, becoming a very large thorn in the side of Cobra and MARS. While Cobra had shoot to kill orders, MARS saw Six Shot differently. Someone who with all the tension mounting, did more good for them than harm, which led to a secretive catch and release deal between the Iron Grenadiers and Six Shot. As long as Six Shot didn't kill any MARS personnel, they would let him wander away after capture.

As Cobra started pushing farther west with the acquisition of Las Vegas, more and more excursions into MARS held territory occurred. With tension at an all time high, the elder MacLeod Destro sent his American born son, Dane McCullen Destro to deliver a speech and address the crisis. An assassination attempt was made, with Dane barely escaping with his life. MARS was unable to prove that Cobra was behind the assassination attempt, but rumors swirled that the body of the would be assassin was buried outside a small ranch at the base of the Superstition Mountains, deep in MARS territory.

Dane flew out himself with a small group of Iron Grenadiers to the ranch only to find a dirty, worn out rancher there. While getting ready to leave, a glimmer caught Dane's eye, as he noticed the rancher Cobra issued weapons stashed in an old shed. A standoff ensued between the rancher and the group, until Dane ordered a stand down and confirmed his suspicions- the rancher was Six Shot.

Six Shot told his story to Dane, who then made Six Shot an offer. He wasn't in the land formerly known as the United States to give speeches against Cobra and leave back to Castle Destro, he was there to do something about Cobra. Once and for all. Dane needed men that could fight, and die, for the freedoms they only had read about about in history books.

With that, Six Shot grabbed his gear and donned an old hat, and rode off to join the new GI Joe team.

I added brown over the black on the upper snake eyes torso to see how it would turn out as an old leather look, and was pleasantly surprised at the results. I am an old west buff, and had alot of fun creating this futuristic cowboy.

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