File Name: Falcone, Raven A.
PMF: High Altitude Pilot
SMF: Espionage
Birthplace: Unknown

Raptor was an Industrial Spy, who infiltrated her targets posing as a Tax Consultant, who took up flying as a pastime and soon became obsessed with the gravity-defying thrills of the sport. After a while she began to seek out more power planes and more dangerous stunts. It was while infiltrating a subsidiary off Extensive Enterprises called Pioneer Aviation that she discovered their Ties to Cobra, but in the process came upon pictures of the jets in Cobra's Air force. After spending night thinking about those jets, she joined up. As an Air viper, she quickly logged the necessary flight time and security clearance to be promoted into the Strato Vipers. During missions or even in the heat of combat she has been known to break off and perform death-defying stunts that should be limited to air shows just for the thrill of it, thing is she doesn't loose focus on her objecting while she's doing it. Although she is primarily qualified to fly Night ravens, she often prefers to fly the Raven's recon drone, due to its superior maneuverability, which suits the other Strato-vipers just fine, seeing as how many of them won't fly as her co-pilot.

"Strato-vipers are chosen from the Ranks of Air-vipers, often referred to in the ranks as the "Creme de la creme" of Cobra's air forces. Raptor lives up to that reputation, although if you've seen how she flies you'd think she'd be more at home as a Drednok. She lives for flying, often wearing her uniform even when she's off duty, and most of her conversations revolve around flying in one way or another. When she is called up, she's all business, even if she doesn't show it. Even on a simple recon mission she'll be diving, weaving, and barrel-rolling all over the skies; A pilot sees something like that and they foolishly underestimate her, only to have her come screaming from out of nowhere intent to put some serious hurt down on them."

Excerpt from Recommendation letter from Wild Weasel for Strato-Viper Promotion: The woman's a natural. Put her behind the stick of any type of aircraft and she'll push it as far as she can without tearing the wings off. She can get caught up in the moment at times, often taking unnecessary risks just for the Adrenaline rush, but its nothing a heavy dose of discipline won't cure. She's far too skilled a pilot to loose her over a few lapses in judgment.

Changing Raptor's specialty from freaky bird man into pilot is something everyone has probably though up, so I figured I'd shake things up by changing HIM into a HER. Since the only Cobra pilots they had where Strato-Vipers, I decided to choose parts that loosely resembled the SV's, and naturally chose the Strato -Vper paint job. This has to be one of the fastest customs I've ever made. Usually for GP's it takes me at least a month to just get the parts together, but with her, I chose the parts, made the bio, and painted her up in less than a week. And no, this isn't inspired from the Joe episode with the female pilot...I don't even remember that one.

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