Destro, is well known for being an arms merchant. He does indeed make equipment and weapons for others to buy and do what they will. But Destro also has honor. His company made most of the equipment that Overkill (when he was under Cobra Commanders control) used to create an army which was supposed to be for Cobra. Then Overkill was able to slip his control and take his army of robots to Destro Cobra and GI Joe, then take over the world.

Destro has thus seen what his equipment has done. The pure carnage that Overkill is in control of and all the deaths, especially innocents, has caused Destro to take charge and to stop the madness. He has only the destruction of Overkill on his mind. Overkill best look over his shoulder at all times.

I just loved that first Destro of the new sculpt era, well especially that head. He looks so p*ssed off. I needed to find the perfect situation where he would really be ticked off so this seemed like a great one.

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