Filename: Doe, John J. (Believed to be an alias)
Primary Military Specialty: Sniper/Sharpshooter
Secondary Military Specialty: Classified
Birthplace: New York, NY

Killroy spent 12 years in the US Coast Guard, serving as a tactical sniper on numerous cutters and patrol boats. Turned down numerous offers from the CIA and Secret Service, insisting instead to be assigned to the Joe team. His opportunity later came when he was offered a position in Shadow Ops.

Killory carries specially modified Swiss rifle, capable of maintaining absolute accuracy up to 1800 yards equipped with a flash supressing barrel. His helmet contains an experimental light modification adjustor, enabling him to fire comfortably from bright light to near darkness.

"You'd think that someone who spends countless hours researching the best methods to kill a person would be a creepy person to be around, right? Well...not in Killroys case. He's got an incredible sense of humor, and has the uncanny ability to make anyone laugh in practically any situation."

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