File Name: "Agent Smith" *
Primary Military Specialty: Interpreter
Secondary Military Specialty: Mechanized Infantry
Birth Place: Classified Grade: 0-1 (Lieutenant)

Very little information is known about Wraith except for rumors that he may have been one of Claymore's lieutenants in South East Asia prior to the latter's joining the Joe team - both of their combat files for that region are still highly classified. Furthermore, most of his unclassified military record consists of various US Army Airborne and Ranger cross training and that he maybe a citizen of an allied nation. Proficient at different languages (including various accents of English) and dialects, its hard to pinpoint exactly what country he is from and highly useful when getting information from the locals in just about any theater of operation.

"I thought we were done for during the Gulf War when our team was out relaying locations of SCUD launchers when were discovered by the enemy. We radioed for extraction but no chopper picked us up. Instead there was this guy with a group of Bedouins laying cover fire while we got inside a Russian BMP and took us to the nearest Saudi - Iraqi border. All I heard him say was 'Hi there, your taxpayers sent me - Iâm here to take you home'".

* true identity classified

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