Real Name: Unknown
Primary Military Function: Driver
Secondary: Battlefield Technician
Birthplace: Unknown

Started out like many in Cobra as a mere Viper, later worked his way up to Techno-viper working in Cobra's motor pool on nearly every land-based vehicle cobra has, from Ferret 4-wheelers to Hammerhead amphibious tanks. Later, he was once again promoted to not only the rank of officer, but one of the select-few officers qualified to drive the Stinger/Rattler 4 WD. Being one of the few officers who where able to maintain/repair his own vehicle under battlefield conditions earned him a reputation with higher-ups in the organization, including a certain Crimson Guardsman. Later, when Cobra gave that CG, now calling himself Deacon, command of an elite team to dispatch their "rivals", he insisted that officer become part of the team as their driver and mechanic.

From the Personal Logs of Deacon: "True he might not be as skilled as Nightstalker, wield a 40 cal like halfback, or track down our quarry like Shai'tan, but without gearshift, we'd likely still be stuck in Afghanistan somewhere. The man is a miracle worker. He can get about any vehicle within working order in the same time it takes most mechanics to just figure out what's wrong, then get us all back on the road before any trails run cold. He rarely sees combat, but the time he has just proves that you never forget Viper training."

At his core, Treadshot is a very simple guy. He fights fair, always brushes his teeth, and judges a man by the car he drives. It's this sort of basic approach to life that has made Treadshot the anchor of the Marauders. Always there with a stupid joke, a kind word and the promise of a beer come Friday. Helluva good guy at the wheel of the Equalizer too.

I wanted something that looked like a Techno-viper, but also looked like a Cobra Officer. I origionally wanted him to have a helmet, but the Coils's mullet nixed that idea.

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