Real Name: Classified
Primary Military Function: Heavy Weapons
Secondary: Infantry

Once a S.A.W. viper, who had come from the same battalion as the soldier responsible for the murder of several G.I.Joe members, he was later re-assigned as one of the first C.L.A.W.S. (Cobra Light Armored Weapons Specialist) as part of a "test group", who's duty is was to see how Cobra's Ionized fiber body armor held up in combat conditions. Later, when the current C.L.A.W.S uniform was finalized for production, he kept his test prototype, not wanting to go through another "breaking in period". Despite this individualistic flair, his track-record made up for it. It was due to this impressive track-record, along with that from his S.A.W viper days, that landed him his position in Deacon's team as their gunner. He carries a customized "side-shooter" version of the Standard SAW viper Gyro-stabilized Cryo-cooled mini chain gun

From the Personal Logs of Deacon: "As his name implies, halfback is a football nut. He says he was on his high school football team, and got a scholarship for it...but doesn't say much about what happened from that. Guys usually see that 50 cal and start running before he gets a chance to shoot, those who don't either don't live to tell about it, or join those who did shortly after. He can handle himself in a fight too, charging into the fray like he's chasing a ball, then teaches them the finer points of Barroom-style brawling. He pulls his weight on and off the battlefield, and added bonus of which is him keeping Darkstalker and Shai'tan from killing each other.

This one took me a While. I had gone through about 5 previous Body Configurations with no luck, then I finally got it (Zartans arms work well for holding that machinegun). The only pices painted are his Waist and head.

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