Night Stalker

Real Name: Classified
Primary Military Function: Assassin
Secondary: Espionage

A former Night-Creeper, the man known only as the Nighstalker is one of the most ruthless Martial arts masters Cobra has ever been aligned with. Known to use any tactics to achieve his ultimate goal, his success rate is higher than all other Night-Creepers, and he is the only Creeper to defeat their leader in unarmed combat. He prefers to strike his targets under the cover of darkness, where and when they least expect, with blinding speed, and Horrific brutality, many of whom don't know what's happening until it's too late. All attempts by Pentagon Officials to discover his true identity have all lead to dead ends, and resulted in the horrific murders of the Investigators. Temporarily taken from Nightmare service for participation on this team.

From the Personal Logs of Deacon: "Despite his preference for hunting at night, he is a superb addition to our team. He can be depended on to get the job done, there have been times he has gone off and eliminated our quarry while we where busy dealing with lackeys. IT isn't due to any loyalty, he usually does it to prove just how better he is than the rest of us. He lacks people skills, but what assassin needs them? He and our mercenary friend are constantly at each others throats, usually trying to cut the others. We're not sure what it is, there are some people who just rub the other the wrong way. Luckily this little "spat" hasn't interfered with our mission objectives...yet."

Those who remember know Nightstalker from my First Group project submission in Nightmares. I had wanted to make a JvC version for a while, and I thought that a ninja like him would fit in with their "problem Solving".

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