Excerpt from Psyche Out's after action report:
Location: GI Joe Briefing Room, the Pit
''Hawk and Stalker wanted me along for heavy fire support. I brought along Romita, I hadn't used her in the field for a while. She came in handy. Her double barrels took out two HISSes a few seconds after those Snakes blew up the Orca. I reloaded and took out the fortress doors. We started taking fire from a few Sonic Viper stragglers (...). "

Zap was the last Joe I settled on (before adding the Talking Battle Commanders). I wanted some heavy fire support for my Sonic Fighters team. I thought of Rock and Roll, but the colors were wrong for what I was trying to do. I always liked Zap as a character and once I found the simple recipe for parts, the colors fell into place. He stands out among the others, but still blends nicely because of the green.

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