Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow

Filename: Arishakage, Thomas
Primary Specialty: Assassin
Secondary Specialty: Silent Weapons
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan

Thomas Arishakage was born into a prominent Japanese family who's business had become a valuable commodity to Eastern Europe. During the Great War, the family business felt threatened and sent Thomas to Europe to fight alongside their British allies. During this time, Storm Shadow met the man who would later be Thomas known as Snake Eyes. After the war, Thomas invited Snake Eyes to join the family business. Snake Eyes initially refused, but later joined the Arishakage after a tragic accident killed his family. Thomas and Snake Eyes both trained rigorously, and both became skilled in the family trade. Near the end of there training, Thomas' uncle, the head of the Arishakage family was killed by an arrow from Thomas' bow, ultimately tearing the family business in two. With many former Arishakage wanting revenge, Thomas fled to England, and began working as a hired assassin under the name Storm Shadow, and English translation of his family's surname.

I really wanted to base this off of British Red Coat stylings, and that is where it started. I'd used the Gung Ho torso similarly before with my Nazi Storm Shadow, and new it would work great here as well. The trench came from both Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow wearing them in some of the Devils Due run. I wanted to take a similar approach between the two characters, almost like Yin and Yang. Snake Eyes has armor and steam driven weaponry, while Storm Shadow stays traditional and uses traditional weapons. I really glad I was able to give Storm Shadow the bowler hat. I think it really adds to the Steampunk feel of the character. A big shout out to JFAK and gijoey for the hat. The cane sword was born out of the idea that Storm Shadow would be a silent/stealth assassin with hidden weapons, where as Snake Eyes would obviously display all his weapons. I couldn't find a good way to do a concealable bow, but I kept the cane anyway.

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