Python Claw
High-speed assault vehicle

Twin 9mm mini gun
3 short-range Surface to Air missiles

The Python Claw might not be much to look at, buts its job isn't to sit around and look pretty. Taking the remains of several 'Badgers' lost in Sierra Gordo, Cobra reverse engineered and enhanced the vehicle. Composing the frame of a lighter armor, and switching its missile launcher out for a double-barreled Minigun mount, the vehicles speed and maneuverability has been increased, making it ideal for Hit and Run attacks, and with Python Motor-vipers behind the wheel, this vehicle is a deadly addition to the Python Patrol's Arsenal.

I've always thought that the badger had good potential, but never liked the oversized cannon. For this, I re-used the same 'process' used in another custom badger, where I dremmeled off the bottom of the launcher (which the turret latch in tact) and merely inserted it on the underside of an open bottomed weapon. This was my first Attempt at Pythonizing, and I have to say it came out as one of the best of my 3 attempts, with only a few spots which I apparently missed with the paint and no over-paint. I was intending on adding the Python Stun's decals to it... however that fell through.

The vehicles stats are a mix of the stats from the Badger's trading card, Blueprint stats, and info from Battle files Issue #3.

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