Low Light
Low Light

Low Light is one the best snipers in the military today. He is an expert with all forms of night vision equipment but really does not need them. His natural eye sight is just that good. When Tiger Force found out they were going to need a sniper and that there was a good chance they were going to run into the Cobra Python Patrol, Duke knew he had to have Low Light as his sniper.

"With Low Light along for the ride Cobras going to find out that their Python Patrol is going to need to another upgrade. Low Light will still be able to pick them out of a black pool of darkness in the thickest fog around and tag each one before they know what hits them."

I figured Low Light would be a good choice for Tiger Force and I am proud of how well he came out. I went with the Tiger Force colors used in the convention set and really liked it better then my first attempt using vintage colors. I was unsure if I should of painted his goggles a different
color or not, but eventually decided to leave them red. I think it works better that way. I really do not think I would change anything on him if I had to do it over again.

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