Spirit is a shaman and medacine man. A mystic and a warrior. Spirit is
the best tracker on the planet and one of the most trusted and well liked
Joes. He was a natural choice for Duke to put on the Tiger Force team when
he read the reports about Cobra trying to improve their Python Patrol units.
If anyone can track and target the Python Patrol it is Spirit.

"Spirit can tell you which direction those slimey snakes are headed, how
fast they are traveling, how many there are, how tall they are, what they
weigh, and when they last showered just by looking at footprint, a bent
branch, and a wrinkled leaf. At first you think he is kidding, but you soon
learn Spirit does not kid around when it comes to tracking. He is all

This is another figure I am proud of how well he came out. I think this is
one of my better customs and really like it! I did not have a spare
Freedome to give him, but I do think it hurts him any. The only Spirit arms
I had in my parts box had broken thumbs so I had to make a set of thumbs
using sculpty. They did not turn out to bad either. This was a fun figure
to do!

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