The experiment known as Xenix was born in a vat of protein fluid in a dark corner of a secret Crimson Guard laboratory. Taking not only the genetic material, but also the base brain waves from Tomax and Xamot (the egg was from an unidentified female rumored to also reside on the island), the child born out of the Xenix program was immediately sent to the Netherlands to be raised by a deeply embedded Guardsman family of considerable means. Sent to the finest schools, he excelled at twisting and modding technology and new media to his nefarious and hedonistic needs.

Xenix didn't learn of the uniqueness of his creation until his late teens. At that time he was taken in by his fathers and groomed to lead Extensive Enterprises into the future.

His particular brand of villainy is more likely to manifest itself in the shutting down computerized railway systems or organizing on-line bullying campaigns against the children of heads of state then actually pulling a gun...but true to his fathers' natures, he'll get his hands dirty when need be.

I wanted to make a "euro-trash" inspired villain.

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