Airtight works with dangerous chemicals as his job. This leaves him in an at risk position 100% of the time. Main concerns are for his safety and well being. In Airtight's profession mistakes in his profession are more times than often lead to deadly results. This is a high stress job; you know the ones that make you drive your car off the road when you have everything going your way. Dr. Mindbender knew this he set in motion a plan to develop a biological agent that feeds off stress. This agent weakens ones mind and affects his decision making. Placed in the hands of FireFly the project was set in motion. An elaborate ruse was set up to draw out the Joe's chemical specialist. The mission was a success the agent was successfully delivered to Airtight. Airtight was sent to the Mid-East to help search out chemical agents. The stress tighten and tighten at each passing day until he snapped. Airtight murdered to of his squad members and set out for Cobra Island. The Joes have organized a team to retrieve Airtight.

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