File name: Davis, Brian R
PMF: Ground-effect vehicle operator
SMF: Microwave Technician
Birthplace: Panama City, Florida

At age thirteen Blaster had built his first hovercraft from a kit he bought from an ad in Popular Mechanics, and later went on to design his own. He went to the Army to get funding for building prototypes, and was later assigned to the Battleforce 2000 team. The team was a small, specialized group trained in the operation of highly advanced vehicles. Blaster drove the team's Vindicator hovercraft, and was willing and able to push it to the limit and beyond. On its final mission, Battleforce 2000 was, along with most of the G.I. Joe team, sent to the Middle East to fight in a campaign against cobra in the nations of Benzheen and Trucial Ambysia. During that campaign, the Joe team suffered severe casualties, loosing 14 highly trained soldiers while fighting cobra, including Blaster. He was buried alongside his brothers in arms at Arlington National Cemetery, or so it seemed at the time. He has recently re-appeared in this war, but as a cobra soldier, with a deep-rooted hatred for the G.I.Joe team, especially Dodger(the one BF2k member who survived) for 'leaving him behind'. Intelligence has yet to uncover the exact details about just how he came to be in Cobra's employ.

"In hindsight, we should have suspected something. In the years following the battle for Benzheen, Cobra had unexplained advances in their hovercraft technology, improved VTOL systems in their Fighters where only the tip of the iceberg of what we had to deal with in the field. But we first became aware of why during an assassination attempt on the Emir of Benzheen at the UN. After the Joe security detail fended off the initial assault, Dodger took off after an escaping officer on foot. Dodger Tackled him and pulled off his helmet and mask, only to find Blaster, sporting a bad dye job, staring back at him. Its needless to say we where all shaken when Dodger told us one of our fallen had switched sides. Since then he's been encountered in the field on a near constant basis, often leading a charge against Joe vehicles with his latest inventions or improvements. There are plenty of rumors floating around about his reappearance; Plastic-surgery imposter, Clone, Brainwashing, Alien Abduction. But whatever the reason, we all know he just because he used to be one of us, doesn't make him any the less Dangerous."

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