Major Bludd

Filename: Bludd, Sebastian
Primary Military Specialty: Intelligence
Second Military Specialty: Weapons and Tactics
Birthplace: Sidney, Australia

Major Bludd is a mercenary. Plain and simple. And the first thing on any mercenaries mind is money. For Major Bludd the almighty dollar is stronger than any allegiance to Cobra. Ever since the formation of the G.I. Joe team over 20 years ago, Bludd never cared much if Cobra achieved its goal. Just as long as he got paid for his services. Major Bludd was content early on in his relationship with the Cobra organization. However, the constant conflict of interest between Cobra Commander & Destro both annoyed and amused him. Bludd always knew the under Cobra Commanders rule, Cobra may win a few battles. But they would never win the war. Major Bludd had another concern with Cobra when they enlisted the services of Zartan, the Dreadnoks and other "thugs" for hire. Bludd considered them as outsiders and a threat to his partnership with Cobra. And more importantly a threat to his Swiss bank accounts! G.I. Joe intelligence picked up on this and took the appropriate actions. Bludd was bombarded with direct-link satellite calls and email messages from the Joe team. G.I. Joe made several offers for Major Bludd to work as a double agent against Cobra. Convinced the contacts were bait for a trap to be captured, Major Bludd disregarded the messages. The Joe team was forced to take more direct action. One final call was placed to Bludd. In that conversation General Hawk went straight for Major Bludds Achilles heel (his love of money). He was offered a large sum of cash in exchange for the location of a Cobra terrorist training camp. Bludd supplied the information only after the money was deposited into a private Swiss bank account. That one phone call formed a strictly business relationship with the G.I. Joe team. Bludd has since disappeared from the Cobra organization. Cobra Commander believes that Major Bludd was captured by the Joe team during a fierce battle. G.I. Joe's only contact with Major Bludd is through a secure direct-link satellite phone. It seems the old saying is true... "Money talks and Bludd walks".

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